Custom Engraved Wood
Welcome to the Gallery!   Thank you for taking a moment to look.  Below you will see examples of engraved wood I have done for some of my customers and of items that have sold.  Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view.

Other ideas for engraving:  doors, cabinets, fireplace mantels, business signs.

Please allow a few minutes for page to fully load as there on a lot of photos

Blank  Round Alder Wood Platters are available in two sizes, 10 inch and 14 inch,  to be engraved and customized with your design or ours.
If you have any questions or wish to discuss an engraving design you have, feel free to contact me by email or phone.
     Engraving Extraordinare  -  Penny Graham
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Customer's favorite quote custom engraved on wood plaqueWood grips engraved with intials and scroll designWood grips eingraved with scroll design and intials carved outM-1 Carbine gunstock engraved with Maine emblemPool cues custom engraved with namesPool cue custom engraved with nameCustom engraved Alder wood platter with love poem and rose designGunstock custom engraved with dragon design.Business sign engraved on red oak.  Letters are deep relief carved .M-1 Carbine  forearm  engrved with nameThis is a 14" double bead Alder hard wood platter custom engraved with a buffalo skull and feathers design that gave it a  Southwestern style. Engrave wood award plaque for Women On Wheels group.  Peach has been painted in.Wood pistol grips personalized with custom engraved  intials and military unit crest design.Pool cue custom engraved with nameSet of Rose wood 1911 A-1, 45 auto grips custom engraved with nicknameDrumsticks custom engraved with nicknamePistol with custom engraved rosewood gripsGunstock custom engraved with deep relief leaf design
     Engraving Extraordinare
      Penny Graham - Engraver
        4211 Oakwoods Ct.
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